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Established in 1875, Charbonnel et Walker is Britain's first luxury chocolatier

Encouraged by Edward VII, (then the Prince of Wales) Madame Charbonnel, known for making fine chocolates in Paris, was introduced to Mrs. Walker from London..

Iconic Collection

Our exquisite truffles are made the finest ingredients. Butter is folded into melted milk chocolate added such as decadent marc de champagne.

The mixture is whisked to form a thick ganache and the truffles are then surrounded by coating of fine chocolate and are lightly dusted in icing sugar

Chocolate is our Heritage

Charbonnel et, Walker - Britain's first and finest chocolatier.

In .1875. Madame Charbonnel was intraluced to Mrs. Walker. Mrs Walker created the most beautiftd gift Imes whilst Madame Charbonnel filled each one with a truly mouth —watering array of delicious chocolates. This is just as important to us today.

A beautifully presented box of Charbonnel et Walker is certain to delight; an exquisite expression of your care and affection.

Luxury Collection

Our classic and creamy Milk Chocolates are deliciously rich with flavor and full of depth. Enjoy  scrumptious Assorted Chocolate Boxes,  decadent Milk Chocolate Truffles, luxury Gift Sets and Store Cupboard Staples with Fine Chocolate Bars and moreishly more!